Vertex Real Estate House X-39 Southside

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Vertex Real Estate House X-39 Southside

Postby InboPlaysGames Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:49 am

Vertex Real Estate is currently selling on the market, plot X-39 in Southside, Coordinates (X 1950, Y 1718). A finely constructed house made of brick, stone, and wooden materials to give a "south sided" feeling to the city of Riverside. Asking price of the property is $9,000 in game, but is willing to go lower depending on financial situations to a certain degree. The property is unfurnished, (belongings private to InboPlaysGames will be removed upon selling day. Please contact by dm InboPlaysGames in discord for any offers. Please also state your in game name and that you are from Elitesurvival.

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