SinaiSarge's Ban Appeal

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SinaiSarge's Ban Appeal

Postby SinaiSarge Fri May 15, 2020 3:20 pm

I am appealing my ban from last evening, May 14th. I received a three hour ban for having police weapons. When I asked in the general discussion in the discord, I was told I had a Glock and an M40. I have never been any sort of police officer in this server, nor have I ever possessed either of those weapons (I did not even know the M40 was a weapon until today - I'd thought "MP40" was what was meant). Further, when I went to investigate my belongings this morning not one object had been removed or displaced, and there were no police weapons. It is worth noting that I do have signs on all of my boxes. I am confused as to what was discovered or what I really did wrong.

The three hours are over, so this is not a major issue to me personally, but I am concerned because I have grown to really enjoy this server, and I want to see it grow and flourish - it is worth it. I have only been playing here for about a week, and I have never seen a similar server before. I want to see that things are done fairly and clearly because I believe that other players would simply walk away from the server if they were in my shoes.

Now, I was getting into it with another player last night (I won't name names here). He would demand in-game money from me, kill me, and then spawn kill me in front of the hospital until I gave him cash. I refused, and there were no cops or moderators around. This turned into a multi-life battle, climaxing at the criminal house. He threatened to report me last night to get me banned, and said that he had reported me. Perhaps that's how I was banned? He made a bogus report out of spite?

Also, and I do not like this idea but it is still a possibility, I was caught wandering around another player's high rise last night by a moderator. After I was caught the moderator said that "this is so and so's home," to which I replied "the door opened with a pressure plate, I will leave." I can only assume this moderator and the player were friends. I was banned approximately 10-15 minutes after this incident.

I do not understand the circumstances surrounding my ban, and I believe I was banned unfairly. Under what premises I do not know. Whatever the result of this appeal, all I care is that I and no one else finds themselves in my situation again because this server is higher than that level.

--- SinaiSarge

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