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Vote sloth

Postby slothmatozz Sun Feb 23, 2020 6:17 pm

hello i am Sloth i am running for Governor of Riverside Valley

I feel This server Needs a More Inclusive Community,
it needs a Rule Refresh,
It needs People to Read the Rules,
I can Help With these Problems
i have been on the server for about 4 Months The First Governor I Knew was Vision he Quit Half Thru His Time As Governor than it was dodus123 He Duplicated Items and Ban Evaded to Earn Himself a permanent Ban Than it was iisun i didn't Really Know her While it was Her time as Governor i was off the Server Due to a ban and Internet Problems Now it is Joshboy And well has Pretty good, we Need a Governor That Will Actually Help the Community Which is why i want your Vote, Thank You. Slothmatozz

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